Business Principal

Les H. Kern Advisor Business Principle


“To become a company with a RADICAL SENSE OF PURPOSE, that WORKS HARDER, and CARES MORE than our competition.”

CORE Values of Les H. Kern

1. GIFT FROM GOD Les Kern, believes that his company was given to him to glorify God and his kingdom on earth.

2. WORK SHOULD BE AN UPLIFTING AND REWARDING EXPERIENCE  Most Americans spend a majority of their waking moments at work. Many of us see our professional colleagues more than our family. With that in mind. My company strives to provide an experience that uplifts and enhances each life and relationship.

3. FIRST FRUITS While it is not necessary to agree or believe in the Christian principles that my company was founded upon, it is important for each to know that the purpose of the owner and this company to share it, “first fruits” in accordance with the concept of tithing presented in the Bible.

4. MAKE A PROFIT Les H. Kern believes that if we are diligent in following the first 3 values, then God will abundantly bless my efforts with a profit.